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2018 Miami Marlins

Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:46 pm

The Marlins were awful last year. Their pitching was especially bad. 63 wins with a 58 pythag. They had a 77 ERA+ as a team. For comparison, the 1962 mets had an 82 ERA+.

77 is an unusually bad ERA+ for a team. Can anyone find a worse one? ERA+ is field adjusted so checking small ballparks won't help.

The 2018 Orioles (47 wins) weren't far off with an 80

The 2005 Royals, 56 wins, also had an 80

The 1996 Tigers, despite a ridiculous 6.38 team ERA and 1103 runs allowed, they also had an 80 ERA+.

The 43 win Tigers in 2003 had an 81 ERA+

The 1998 Marlins were close, 78 ERA+

For fun I checked the 1969 Seattle Pilots. 83 ERA+

The 68 Senators had an 80
The 1956 Senators had a 78

I'm curious if anyone can find a team ERA+ in the modern era worse than 77 and how far back you'd have to go. I realzie nobody checks this secton of the board but I'm still curious.
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