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Congrats Corey Kluber 2017 AL Cy Young

Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:39 am

He clearly deserved it. Bit of an odd history too. He was never that good in the minors, but at age 27 he started to put it together in MLB and at 28 he won his first Cy Young.

(I think, every April Fools day, MLB should give out an Anthony Young award. Cy Young for the most wins. Anthony Young for his wonderful string of losses. But . . . I digress).

In 2010, in a failed bid for the wildcard, the Pads sent Nick Greenwood and Kluber (to two different teams - 3 team trade, Greenwood to the cards, Kluber to the Indians), to acquire Ryan Ludwick who gave the Padres a negative war over 1 1/2 seasons.

Hard to blame the Padres. Ludwick was hitting for the Cards and while the Cards were in the playoff hunt at the time too, they had a glut in the OF and they needed a pitcher, even a back of the rotation one, so trading Ludwick for Westbrook made some sense for them. Some felt the Cards should have gotten more and They missed the playoffs, but Westbrook pitched OK for them, so the trade didn't really hurt them that year and probably ended up a net positive.

For the Padres, they won 90 games, but fell 1 game shy of the wildcard.

For Cleveland it was a straight salary dump that ended up golden. 2 Cy Youngs. Wow and for Padre fans - ouch.
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